Rather than offering entrée and mains, Cocoon serves dishes that are designed for sharing among friends and are brought to the table steadily and continuously throughout the meal

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(V) notes vegetarian dishes

(GF) notes gluten free dishes

Focaccia and dips      (V)             10

Fresh focaccia served with olive, hummus

And sundried tomato dips


Edamame                    (V) (GF)      10

Steamed young Soy Beans, sea salt

Salt & Pepper Calamari                12

Tender Calamari crumbed, Fried and served with salt & pepper

Chicken Karage                            12

Soy, ginger and sake marinated Chicken pieces fried served with Japanese mayonnaise and lemon

Arancini our way                                   12

Yasai Croquette                   (V)             10

Mashed potato and vegetables roquette with tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayonnaise

Patatine (why not)       (V)             10

Crispy beer battered fries with mayonnaise

Seared Halloumi cheese      (V)    12

Grilled Haloumi cheese with lemon on a bed of rocket drizzled with a balsamic reduction


Pork Gyoza                                    12

Pork and vegetable dumplings pan fried served with gyoza sauce on side

Sizzling Yakitori chicken               16

Chicken skewers char grilled served on a

sizzling plate with yakitori sauce



Margherita         (V)             9

Crushed San Marzano tomato and oregano, Mozzarella

Soppressata                        9

Crushed San Marzano tomato and oregano,Mozzarella,Sopressa Salami

Sporcacciona                     9

Crushed San Marzano tomato and oregano, Mozzarella, Pepperoni

Hawaiian                             9

Crushed San Marzano tomato and oregano, Mozzarella, Shoulder Ham, Mareeba Gold pineapple

Ham                                      9

Crushed San Marzano tomato and oregano , Mozzarella, Virginian Ham

Italians love meat               9

Crushed San Marzano tomato and oregano ,Mozzarella, Mixed Virginian Ham and Italian Salami

La Camorra                          9

Crushed San Marzano tomato and oregano, Mozzarella, Black kalamata olives, imported Spanish Anchovies

Don Giuseppe                      9

Crushed San Marzano tomato and oregano , Mozzarella, Black kalamata olives, imported Spanish Anchovies, Soppressata

Cancun     (hot)                   9

Crushed San Marzano tomato and oregano , Mozzarella, Chorizo and Chilli Flakes

Vegan bandwagon     (V)    9
Crushed San Marzano tomato, capsicum, mushroom, onion and olives

NUTELLA     (can’t say no)    9


Sparkling Wine

N.V     BTW Sparkling     gl 9         bt 35
VIC     Murray Darling 

N.V     The Source Prosecco   bt 48
VIC     King Valley

N.V     Moet et Chandon     bt 130
France           Reims

N.V     Veuve Clicquot      bt 140
France           Reims

N.V     Mumm Sparkling       bt 150
France           Reims

N.V    Moet et Chandon Ice     bt 230
France           Reims

2004    Dom Perignon    bt 380
France           Epernay

White Wine

2015    BTW Moscato      gl 9         bt 35
VIC     Murray Darling        

2015    BTW Pinot Grigio     gl 9         bt 35
VIC     Murray Darling

2014    Two Tails Pinot Gris    bt 40
N.Z       Marlborough           

2016    BTW Sauvignon Blanc  gl 9         bt 35
VIC     Murray Darling

2015    Skipjack Sauvignon Blanc  bt 42
N.Z       Marlborough

2014    Highfield Sauvignon Blanc  bt  48
N.Z       Marlborough

2015    BTW Chardonnay        gl 9         bt 35
VIC     Murray Darling                       

2015    Mandala Chardonnay    bt 52
VIC     Yarra Valley 

2016    Selection 23 Rose      bt  36
VIC     Murray Darling


Cocktails  from 18

Espresso Martini  18

Lychee Martini      18

Cosmopolitan   18

Caprioska     18

Amaretto Sour    18

Mojito  18

Long Island Iced Tea    22

Light Beer   6

Cascade Light

Beer   8

Pure Blonde, Hahn Superdry

Imported Beer   12

Corona, Peroni, Heineken

Cider   10

Basic Spirits   9

Vodka, Bourbon, Rum, Scotch, Bacardi, Gin, Tequila

Spirits/ Liquors   10

Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Baileys, Midori, Kahlua, Alize, Fireball, Southern Comfort, Frangelico, Drambuie, Sambuca

Deluxe Spirits   14

Ciroc, Johnny Walker Black, Wild Turkey, Makers Mark, Chivas Regal, Hendricks Gin, Canadian Club, Jameson Whiskey 

Vodka Energy   10

Soft Drinks   4

Coffee   4

Red Wine

2015    BTW Pinot Noir                                  gl 9          bt 35
VIC     Murray Darling   

2015    Lethbridge “Menage” Pinot Noir            bt    49
VIC     Geelong 

2015    Montalto Pennon Hill Pinot Noir               bt 55
VIC     Mornington Peninsula                     

2010    Misha’s Pinot Noir                                     bt    78
N.Z       Central Otago                                

2014    Katnook “Founders Block” Merlot         bt     42
S.A      Coonawarra

2015    BTW Cabernet Merlot                gl  9      bt     35
VIC     Murray Darling

2014    Sons of Eden Grenache Shiraz Mataro    bt 46
S.A      Barossa Valley                                 

2014    Moss Wood “Amy’s” Cabernet                  bt 68
W.A     Margaret River

2015    BTW Shiraz        gl  9       bt  35
VIC     Murray Darling        

2014    Mr Riggs “The Gaffer” Shiraz       bt     42
S.A      McLaren Vale

2013    Elderton Estate Shiraz      bt      58
S.A      Barossa Valley 

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