Don’t Forget the 8 Absolute Taboos in the Bedroom

In the concept of feng shui, the arrangement of the bedroom, the bed arrangement and the furniture in the bedroom are extremely important and affect many families. To help you avoid the bad things in life, here are 10 absolute taboos not to be committed in the bedroom.

Do Not Arrange The Bedroom Door Opposite The Main Door In The House

According to feng shui, the bedroom door is very important because this is the entrance of the homeowner, which is also the fortune on which to enter, so need to be arranged very carefully. In particular, do not design the bedroom door facing directly to the main door of the house, because the bedroom is a private place, if connected to the main door, everything will be easy to go outside.

Not designed bedroom doors facing the main doors of the house.

Moreover, the bedroom door facing the main door also brings bad air into the room, causing deterioration of health, the homeowner’s temperament always feels insecure, even couples are more likely to conflict.

Do Not Arrange The Bedroom Door Opposite The Toilet Door, Kitchen

The bedroom facing the kitchen or toilet door makes the smell of cooking and the unclean, foul air of the toilet fly into the bedroom causing discomfort. This will affect the health of you and your family, causing respiratory diseases, joint diseases, and prosperity in the bedroom.

Taboo Put The Bed Opposite The Room Door

In the bedroom, the bed is the feng shui centre, if placed in the wrong or inappropriate position, it will affect the health and fortune of the owner. The absolute taboo when arranging a bed is not to put the bed opposite the bedroom door because it is easy to cause headaches, affect nerves, stomach diseases, abdominal cavity, …

Not only the bedroom door but placing the bed opposite the toilet door should also be avoided. This can cause severe headaches, memory loss, which can, for a long time, cause cancer and other intractable diseases.

Do Not Put The Bed Opposite The Mirror

In feng shui, the mirror is used to prevent the mirror, has the effect of killing reflexes indirectly, the nature of the mirror is motion so it should not be placed opposite the bed of the family. Sleeping opposite the mirror will make you fall into a coma, do not sleep deeply, hard to focus on thinking about everything.

It is best to avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom. If you must keep the mirror in the room, place the mirror on the sides of the bed.

No Put The Bed Under The Stairs

This is one of the most important taboos in bed layout because the position under the stairs is extremely bad, you can only use it to store items or install a shoe locker. The footsteps of walking on the stairs alone made the person lying in the bed below feel uncomfortable, unable to rest, easy to have nightmares.

Don’t Put Your Bed Under The Crossbar

The bed just under the crossbar will make us feel suppressed which in feng shui people call it “aggression”. Sleeping in this position, especially the headboard just below the crossbar can cause headaches, chronic insomnia.

Don’t Place The Head Of Bed Behind The Altar

The altar is a sacred and solemn place of worship, so it is strictly forbidden to have a bed or head of the bed near the wall behind the altar. If you have inadvertently committed this you need to immediately move the bed or altar position.

Do Not Place A Bed Above/Below A Stove Or Bathroom/Toilet

If your bed is lying above or below the stove or bathroom/toilet then move the bed position. Placing the bed in the position on the kitchen causes more fire elements, which can easily cause liver diseases.

And the toilet is a place to accumulate many bacteria that are easy to cause disease, not good for health.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Above are some things to pay attention to and the taboos that you need to know and stay away from so that you do not get caught up in the difficulties, affecting the health of not only you and your family members.